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    Video Transcripts & Captions: Best Uses of Media Transcription Services

    11 Dec, 2020

    The growing media industry has led to an increased dependency on media transcription services in Ontario. Read to find out the benefits of media transcripts.

    Videos and images have become the most preferred source of sharing information among common people. If you ask any marketer, he will point out that videos generate more engagement, grab more eyeballs, and leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind.  Thus making videos accessible to all your users will give you an edge over your peers and help you improve your SEO score. The most prominent way of making videos accessible is by captioning them. This is why you need reliable professionals from leading media transcription companies in Canada to create transcripts of your videos. 

    1. How Can You Make Videos Accessible?

    1. A transcript is a written account of the dialogues, monologues, or sound effects that form an essential part of videos. It works best for podcasts, interviews, chat shows, speeches, etc. 
    2. As we discussed previously that in order to make videos accessible, a text representation of sound is mandatory. To meet the website caption accessibility requirements, video captioning is a must. Additionally, for people who have a hearing impairment or suffer from partial hearing loss, captions make videos accessible to them. 
    3. According to a recent study, almost 85% of users watch videos on Facebook without sound. Hence, it becomes a responsibility for the marketers to gain a maximum audience to watch the video even without turning on the sound. Transcripts come in handy and have been a necessity ever since. Also, videos with captions gain a higher position on the SERPs. This means search engines can read your video when they go live. 

    2. What are the Advantages of Media Transcription?

    1. Global Reach:- There are many TV shows, web series being made in various languages. To remove the barrier of language, transcriptionists can work their skill in providing subtitles to these videos. Films and entertainment show always drive a huge audience and have a humongous fan base. Thus, media houses and production companies can improve their online presence without spending much. 
    2. Multiple Formats:- Various media houses work with a variety of file formats from MP3, MP4, WAV, and many more. It becomes difficult for the media personnels to convert all these formats easily into the required type. Having media transcriptionists can be of immense help as they have more knowledge and experience in dealing with multiple file formats. They can transcribe effectively and accurately. 
    3. Good Viewing Experience:- With video captions, the viewing time for videos increases especially for people who have a problem understanding the accent or language. This in turn helps the companies gain a lot of traction online. 

    Get quality transcripts and captions for your videos. Do not forget to give a call to RPJ Technology that proves commercial range media transcriptions. You can also get in touch with them for Canada medical transcription outsourcing.

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