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    Top 3 Facts That Insurance Claim Adjuster Will Never Tell You

    09 Feb, 2021

    Get access to quick claim settlement via insurance assessment reports. Trust reputed transcriptionists to get accurately transcribed medical reports for easy settlement. 

    It is a true fact that insurance policies are lengthy. An insurance policy is a type of contract in both the insurer and the policyholder that controls the claims which the insurer should pay legally if the policyholder faces any loss covered in the contract.  The insurance company processes the claims based on the insurance assessment reports made by the claim adjuster. 

    Things That Insurance Companies Do Not Tell You About Insurance Claims:-

    1. Insurance Companies Focus More On Their Own Benefit: 

    An insurance claim adjuster is the eye and ear of the insurance companies. His job is to interview, analyze, and investigate whether the insurer will get the compensation amount or not. The adjuster after going through all the medical documents and history put forward his findings and views in a report, most popularly known as the insurance adjuster reports. This report goes to his supervisor who either authorizes the payment of the claim or rejects it completely. It all seems justified, right? But did you know that the claim adjuster receives training to control the direction of your claim such that the insurance company gets the maximum benefit and you get the least? However, shocking it might sound but this is the truth. The adjuster tries to find ways to close the claim as soon as possible or pay as little amount as possible. 

    2. A Prior Medical History Can Be Used Against You: 

    The insurance adjuster and the company want to hand you the least compensation as much as possible. Therefore they will dig up everything that can go against you. So at times, your previous medical ailments can crop up in their investigation even if there is no link to the present case. For example, you incur a head injury in a car accident. But if you had any serious medical issue previously that concerned your head or brain, it might stir up problems. Thus your previous medical history can work against you even if there is no link. 

    3. A Quick Settlement Is Not Always Right:

    A quick settlement can leave room for errors that can become a bigger problem in the future. Also if you do not have complete knowledge about the insurance policy, or the correct sum of money you are about to get, the insurance company might leave you with half the amount. Also, you need to be prepared to answer all the questions that the adjuster will ask you without being confused. So, it takes some amount of time to get through the entire process. 

    RPJ Technology provides comprehensive, accurate, and precise insurance assessments transcribed report service in Toronto.  They know the cons of the insurance companies and the underlying biases. Trust them and be sure to get quality service from their experienced professionals who will help you get the compensation at the earliest.

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