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    The Top 3 Challenges Faced in the Medical Transcription Industry

    05 Jan, 2021

    Professionals working in the medical transcription services multitask to arrive at accurate reports. But there are certain challenges that are hindering their growth at work. 

    Hospitals, healthcare clinics, super-specialty doctor’s chambers are relying on professional medical transcriptionists for superior quality transcribed reports and error-free documents. According to experts, the medical transcription industry is going to reach more than 70 billion dollars by 2026. Canada medical transcription outsourcing can prove to be an effective way to increase productivity at work & also control the expenditure. 

    Starting from EMR implications to more effective billing practices, transcription has become the heart and soul of the medical industry.  This process of converting audio files to written records not only improve workplace efficiencies but also assures better patient outcomes. Furthermore, the whole process is a comprehensive one where proper market research ensures added value to your business as it helps in streamlining work. 

    Challenges Faced By Canadian Medical Transcription Companies:-

    However, the only con in this situation is the pressure force on transcriptionists is tremendous and they are always on their toes. Here we are listing down some of the rising concerns and problems that people working in the transcription industry usually face:

    1. Meeting Deadlines:-

    Work is always pouring into the medical industry and there are no two opinions about it.  With regulatory mandates, technology project target dates, running an entire department, transcriptionists, and managers are often seen struggling. It is true that most of the time the demand is to produce maximum results with minimum resources. But this can disrupt the sanitary of the workers and give room for errors. 

    2. Getting Everyone On the Same Page:- 

    When working with a team, it is at times difficult to work in unison as opinions and perspectives differ from person to person. A doctor has to feel comfortable while working with a transcribe, he needs to be sure that whatever he is dictating is correctly record or not. A transcriber on the other hand relies on the tech team when converting the transcribed documents to electronic form. Hence, maintaining balance is extremely important for the smooth transitioning of the work. 

    3. Job Security:- 

    Transcription is definitely a thriving industry but this also points out that the competition is extreme. Furthermore, most hospitals are debating whether to keep in-house transcriptionists or outsource, owing to budget constraints. These factors always keep the working professionals in dilemma about their job security. 

    Thus, team managers and administrators should take into stride all the challenges and chalk out ways to mitigate the problems in unison. 

    Partner with RPJ Technology, the best medical transcription service company in Toronto.  They have dedicated professionals who have expertise and experience in transcribing complex health records, reports of various tests, and assessments with 100% accuracy. This will not only speed up the process but will also stay away from common mistakes and errors. 

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