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    Sleep Study Reports: Meaning, Importance, and Necessity

    08 Dec, 2020

    Sleep study reports in Canada have been a blessing for the patients as they can now get a guaranteed cure and a well chalked out treatment process by the physicians.  

    Sleeping disorders and insomnia have been on the rise in the past few years and according to doctors, it is going to increase doubly in the years to come. There are a variety of reasons why sleeping problems have become so popular but the good fact is previously there was hardly any diagnostic process to assess the situation. With sleep study reports in Canada and other countries. It has made matters easier for both the doctors and patients to understand, analyze, and find the correct antidote to the problem. 

    1. What is A Sleep Study Report? 

    A Sleep study report of a person gives you an insight into the percentage of sleep stages he goes through. Polysomnography is the other name for a sleep study is a test which doctors advise patients to undertake if they are going through any sleeping disorders. In this process, the physicians record your brain waves,  the level of oxygen in your blood, heart rate, and breathing, as well as eye and leg movements. 

    2. When Can Your Doctor Recommend A Sleep Study Test?

    1. Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder Or Sleep Apnea:- In this, your breathing repeatedly stops and starts when you sleep. 
    2. Periodic Limb Movement Disorder:- At times you unknowingly or involuntarily stretch and flex your legs while sleeping. Doctors often associate this restless leg syndrome. 
    3. Rem Sleep Behavior Disorder:-  The main problem of this disorder is the person encountering this often has unpleasant & violent dreams. It has characteristic vocal sounds, often accompanied by the violent leg and arm movements. 
    4. Narcolepsy:- In this disorder, you can experience bouts of drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleepy conditions. Hallucinations, sleep paralysis, and sometimes total loss of muscle control. The main reason for such a reaction is the reduction in the secretion of brain chemicals known as hypocretin. 
    5. Chronic Insomnia:- This is one of the most common troubles faced by people. They consistently have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep for hours. Thus there is a sleep deficiency which again affects their health adversely. 

    There has always been a doubt whether sleep study reports are always accurate or not. In truth, the test which takes place at home involves recordings of breathing instead of actual sleep. This is where discrepancies start and can affect the accuracy of the reports. Therefore instead of self-administered tests, you should always take professional help to arrive at the correct conclusion. 

    With qualified and experienced medical transcriptionists, you will get 100% accurately transcribed sleep study reports in Canada from RPJ Technology. They have adequate knowledge about medical terminology, making it simpler to understand the complexities of any case study. So, consult them to avail precise reports at an affordable cost. 

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