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    Sleep Study Reports: Its Importance In Diagnosing Sleeping Patterns

    15 Jan, 2021

    Sleep disorders are a common public health problem. Sleep study reports in Canada help medical experts understand the intricacies of the problem. The detailed analysis here.

    Sleep study or Polysomnography (PSG) is a diagnostic treatment procedure for evaluating the complexity of sleep-disordered breathing. In this process, the physicians record your brain waves,  the level of oxygen in your blood, heart rate, and breathing, as well as eye and leg movements. 

    There has been a sudden increase in the demand for sleep study reports in Canada. Getting an in-depth understanding of the clinical and technical information in the reports is extremely crucial. 

    1. Types of Sleep Study:-

    There are practically 4 different types of sleep studies. 

    1. Diagnostic Overnight PSG: It controls your general sleeping pattern along with oxygen levels, breathing, limb movements, and heart rhythms. 
    2. Diagnostic Daytime Various Sleep Latency Tests (MSLT): Helps in checking narcolepsy where you can experience bouts of drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleepy conditions. The main reason for such a reaction is the reduction in the secretion of brain chemicals known as hypocretin.  This study also keeps a check on your daytime sleepiness. 
    3. Split-Night PSG With CPAP Titration: If medical experts find out that you are suffering from an extreme stage of sleep apnea in the first half of the study, this is the test they will perform. The next half determines the level of CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) level needed to treat sleep apnea. In sleep apnea, your breathing readily stops and starts again when you sleep. 
    4. 2nd Night Evaluation PSG And Cpap Titration: On the first-night preliminary examination is the primary focus and your sleep evaluation takes place. If there are any data suggesting sleep apnea, the study continues a second time to figure out the air pressure for CPAP.

    2. Components of Sleep Study Reports:-

    The reports have different sections including technical details, quantitative data,  and sleep-related symptoms. Also, the reports contain:

    1. The time a patient spends in each of the sleep cycles
    2. How often he wakes up and the interval where he has a sound sleep
    3. Troubles related to breathing, whether he snores or not
    4. Body position and limb movements
    5. Unusual brain activity patterns that also, can have serious consequences

    Sleep study reports are becoming increasingly popular and are beneficial for both patients and doctors. These help to understand, analyze, and also, find the correct antidote to the problem of inefficient sleep and breathing disorders. However, there have been discrepancies in reports that were self-administered tests. So, doctors and healthcare practitioners recommend professional help in order to avoid any kind of mistake. 

    Transcribed sleep study reports make it simpler to understand the complexities of any case study. With qualified and also, experienced medical transcriptionists, you will get 100% accurately transcribed sleep study reports in Canada from RPJ Technology.

    Direction here: https://goo.gl/maps/ypELKSX2QMV5c1fm7

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