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    Sleep Study: Meaning, Types Of Tests Conducted And Significance

    12 Feb, 2021

    Sleep disorder is an ailment where the person suffers from a sound sleep. The sleep study reports, Canada form the basis of diagnosing this disorder to find a plausible cure.  

    A Sleep study report covers all the cycles of a person’s sleep and describes the percentages of various sleep stages. Essentially, a doctor conducts a sleep study test to understand the sleep disorders the person has been going through. If you are wondering what exactly goes on in this test, then we have all the necessary information that will give you an insight into the process and its benefits.

    When a person goes to a doctor’s clinic to report his lack of sleep, or his inability to sleep throughout at night, after a few basic questions, his doctor will ask him to undergo a polysomnography(PSG) or sleep study. There are multiple sleep disorders that include periodic limb movement disorder, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea, insomnia, and REM sleep behavior disorder. Often it is not possible for doctors to diagnose all these problems through normal clinic visits. So, to gather more conclusive evidence about the nature of the disorder, they need to monitor your sleeping pattern.  

    1. What Are The Procedures Involved In A Sleep Study?

    A Sleep study is a non-invasive exam that extends overnight letting doctors analyze and monitor your brain and body while you sleep. For this, you need to go to a sleep center where the test will commence. While you sleep, an EEG monitors your sleep cycle along with the cycles of REM and nonREM. The technicians and experts will try to identify all the disruptions in the pattern of your sleep in this process. The sleep study reports conducted in Canada also measure things such as eye movements, heartbeat rate, oxygen levels in the blood, breathing frequency, and other body movements. 

    2. What Are The Types Of Sleep Study?

    We have earlier discussed PSG which is one of the types of sleep study tests. The others are:

    1. Multiple Sleep Latency Tests: It helps to monitor how quickly a person falls asleep and how quickly they enter REM sleep while sleeping during the day. This test is to find the reason behind excessive daytime sleepiness which may be due to narcolepsy. 
    2. Home Sleep Apnea Testing: The test collects data about a person’s breathing, heart rate, and other variables at night. While PSG is the best for monitoring disruptions during the night, home sleep apnea is for people who are unable to go to a sleep center. This provides less information than the others. 

    In a study conducted by healthcare experts, nearly 50-70 million people in the US are suffering from sleep disorders. Also, 25% Canadian of Canadians aged 18 to 64 had symptoms of insomnia. 

    Thus, Sleep study reports in Canada are becoming extremely beneficial for both doctors and patients to understand the underlying reasons for sleep disruption. With qualified and experienced medical transcriptionists, you will get 100% accurately transcribed sleep study reports from RPJ Technology.

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