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    Skills That Are Prerequisite Of A Good Medical Transcriptionist

    15 Feb, 2021

    Canadian medical transcription outsourcing gives better room for delegating healthcare documentation with the highest accuracy and precision. Get a detailed understanding here.

    When a person visits a doctor’s chamber to get his expert advice on his ailments and health problems, the doctor tries to understand the malady through questioning. He later performs various diagnosis tactics to understand the nature of the disease such that he can follow a definitive treatment pattern. All the details of the patient’s diagnostic procedures, lab reports, medical history, antidote, and medicines prescribed all go down in a comprehensive record. Medical transcription specialists receive this data either through recording devices and convert it into written reports. 

    There have been some path-breaking changes in the medical industry. With the evolution of medical transcription, documenting patient records has become more organized. Gone are the years when hospitals and super-specialty clinics would have to rely on hard copies of patient’s medical history and notes. It was increasingly difficult to comprehend illegible writing, unclear prescription details at that time.   Nowadays the officials are convinced that outsourcing helps you stay clear of HR, training costs, administrative formalities, equipment, and manpower.

    1. What Does A Medical Transcriptionist Do?

    1. Transcribes patients’ information that includes prior medical history,  social insurance number, and current healthcare records.
    2. Leaves no room for error or inconsistencies in the final report
    3. Follows up on physicians’ dictation and returns reports in a timely manner. 
    4. Keeps all the related patient pharmaceutical information in a synchronized manner. 

    2. What Can You Expect From A Good Medical Transcriptionist?

    1. Knowledge Of Medical Terminology: This is the most desired skill of a good medical transcriptionist as it covers all the basic knowledge about various medical domains. From anatomy, physiology to radiology, urology along with all the common medications. Thus a sound understanding of current pharmaceutical terminology is an invaluable skill and will always be favored by employers if you go in for an interview. 
    2. Punctuation, Grammar & Syntax: Qualified medical transcriptionists need to have impeccable, punctuation, grammar, and syntax. The influx of work and the pressure will be huge and amidst that, if you constantly need to recheck your syntax and grammar, it will make the process much lengthier. Also, serious mistakes can transfer wrong information to patients which can complicate issues. 
    3. Computer Literacy And Typing Skills: Most transcription companies utilize computer-based platforms to conduct their work. In fact, each company has its own self-serve platform to download, upload,  access documents and audio files through secured channels. Thus a transcriptionist needs to be completely comfortable working with computers. Also having an impeccable typing speed will help him to speed through with keeping accuracy intact. 

    Whether you are an individual in need of a transcription service or a pharmaceutical organization. A reputable transcription company will increase your professional productivity and reduce your overall costs.  

    Partnering with the leading medical transcription company in Ontario. RPJ Technology will help you gain access to accurate, scalable, and also, customizable transcripts. 

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