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    Significance Of Quality Audio Records In Transcription Process

    26 Apr, 2021

    Learn some tips to improve the quality of your audio files. Understand the significance of accurate transcription services in Toronto.

    Dictating notes on voice recording apps, smartphones, handheld digital records, and toll-free phone dictation have made work simple and easy. With the help of these tools, doctors can dictate notes without the hassle of writing them down. This oral dictation will be recorded and professional transcriptionists will transcribe them accurately without any errors. This is what reputed transcription services in Canada provide. 

    There is no two way about the importance of quality in transcription companies in Canada. A transcribed report will hold its value only if it is 100% accurate. When a patient visits a doctor or takes admission to a hospital, every minute is important and both the doctors’ and the patient’s time is valuable. Therefore any kind of carelessness in handling, mismanagement, or inaccuracy in transcribing medical records can cost a life. So, many transcription companies are utilizing talents from all around the world to improve the quality of the service. 

    1. Importance Of Audio Quality In Transcription:

    The most basic and primary need for high-quality transcription is an excellent quality audio file. If you stop to think, an audio file with background noises or inaudible voices- will it solve the purpose? The simple answer is no. Thus, if there are a lot of incomprehensible parts in the audio, there will be tons of blank spaces and ultimately you will have an incompletely transcribed file. The worst part is you might be charged a huge chunk of money for bad quality audio files as these need multiple checking through different editors. 

    2. Tips To Improved Quality Of Audio Files In Transcription:

    1. Maintain The Distance Between The Speaker And Microphone: If the speaker is too far away, the microphone will not pick up all sounds properly and some parts may get lost. On the other hand, a shorter distance will make the breathing of the speaker audible. Thus for accurate medical transcription services in Canada, the ideal distance should be around 10 centimeters.
    2. Eliminate Background Noises: When most of the background noise subsides the audio quality automatically improves. All you need to do is keep everyone around you silent. Also, make sure that the machines around you should be muted or switched off to avoid any noises. 

    Thus, transcribing all these sets of reports accurately form the very basis of the service. It lifts the load off physicians’ shoulders and gives way to 100 percent accurate records. The more knowledgeable and experience the transcriptionists are, the better is the quality of the reports. Contact RPJ technology the best transcription service provider in Toronto. The company also provides services in  Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Regina, Manitoba, Pei, and  Prince Edward Island

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