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    Other Services

    Other Services

    • CAD Drafting
    • Data Analysis
    • Bookkeeping
    • Architectural Rendering

    CAD Drafting

    In today’s business climate many companies are looking forward to reduce the excessive burden of overhead costs. By incorporating CAD drafting support service from an outsourcing firm into your company’s business plan, you can effectively reduce the overhead costs by eliminating the employee benefits, taxes, sick days, vacation time, etc. It makes payment necessary, only for the work produced on an as and when needed basis.
    RPJ Technologies outsource Computer-Aided Design or CAD drafting assistance services to engineers, project managers, architects & contractors at very competitive rates. CAD drafting refer to the use of computer systems in assisting the creation, analysis, modification, or optimization of the design.
    CAD software increases designers’ productivity, improves the design quality, helps in creating a database for manufacturing and improves communication through documentation. All these documents are generated using AutoCAD which supports both 2D & 3D formats, i.e. AutoCAD 2D, Microstation 2D & 3D, Revit 2D & 3D, and other CAD services. We use both vector based graphics in depicting the traditional drafting & raster graphics format which is necessary in drafting the overall performance of the designed objects.
    With more than 20 years of professional drafting software experience, we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for providing services with accurate turn-around time & at competitive costs. We always strive to adapt to your firm’s documentation standard and become your valuable outsourcing business partner.

    Data Analysis

    Almost with any business or service industry, data is a significant and immensely valuable application which lends an upper hand in presenting, developing, and marketing of the latest services or products in the market conditions. Data analysis services refer to a procedure of cleaning, inspecting, transforming as well as modeling the data with a goal of highlighting just the useful information, in suggesting the conclusions as well as in supporting the options in making decisions. At RPJ Atlantic Technologies, we offer numerous of tangible benefits for service and business organizations in several of the fields.
    RPJ Atlantic Technologies is a proficient organization of specialists in the field of data analysis in business financial sector, Revit Modeling, bookkeeping, transcription & call center support services. Our accurate data analysis service highly inspects the data, cleans it and transforms the same in order to create models highlighting significant information with business and in giving insights for getting competence with market standards. Advanced data analysis service benefits our client organizations in making correct decisions to achieve success with today’s competitive industrial standards.
    Our Data Analysis service delves in sectors like:

    • BSFI Sector
    • Retail Industry
    • Telecommunications Analytics
    • Insurance Data Analytics
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Healthcare Analytics
    • Market Research Data Analytics in the Manufacturing Sector, etc.

    To gain the positive work approach, quick resolution of queries, confident expertise, timely delivery benefits and all at highly affordable rates, contact us today and experience the difference.


    Bookkeeping services refer to the recording of the financial transactions in context of the business applications. Such financial transactions include sales, purchases, receipts, & the payments which are done by an individual or organization. As a significant part of the accounting process, bookkeepers record the financial transactions so to assist the accountants in making the business records. At RPJ Atlantic technologies, we highly relieve our clients from the limitations of critical bookkeeping functions in a well-organized, productive as well as highly profitable manner understanding the needs & requirements of our clients.
    RPJ Atlantic Technologies is an enthusiastic conglomeration of specialists in the field of bookkeeping in business financial sector, Data analysis, Revit Modeling, transcription and call center support services. We provide such financial bookkeeping services with a skilled team of professionals in industrial expertise. We use latest technologies and industry best professional expertise in working your projects with greater perfection. As a back office support system for your organization, we always ensure benefits with increasingly value added services from our outsourcing center.
    RPJ is the fast emerging company which has gained recognition as bookkeeping services outsourcing partner for several of the companies. We perform bookkeeping services for accounting firms and other business organizations. Our company has gained its high market recognition basing upon the positive work approach, quick resolution of queries, confident expertise, timely work delivery, and the availability of services at such affordable rates.

    Architectural Rendering

    We are Toronto based and provide world-class architectural rendering services for the architectural and interior design industry. We are dedicated to serving the North American architectural industry with cutting-edge digital rendering and visualization services.
    Our services include –

    • Architectural Rendering and Visualization
    • 3D Graphics, Animation
    • Interior Visualization
    • Revit Modeling

    We maintain close interaction with you through continuous communication throughout the project and we make sure that we understand your needs so that at the end you do not run into any surprises. We are committed to serve the Architects, Builders, Home Owners, Developers and Interior Designers. We strive to become a part of your team for your needs from project to project basis. And we pride in with our superior customer service and professional approach so that at the end you as a client get the best product at a competitive price and on time and budget.
    Let us work with you.

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