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    Media Transcription: Video Captioning & Boosting Website Ranking

    02 Mar, 2021

    If you want to fare at the top of search engine ranking, leveraging media transcription services in Regina for video and audio recordings is a must for your website. Here is why?

    Did you know that transcription can boost your website’s SEO rankings? Yes, you heard that right. 

    Staying at the top of the search engine rankings implies that your website and its content need to be top-notch. One step to keep your content engaging, interactive and relatable is through video. However, adding video is not enough, for maximum benefit video transcripts are mandatory. Just as medical transcription services in Canada are gaining new heights and making healthcare documentation more synchronized, media transcript services are equally beneficial.

    Media transcription helps to convert the video and audio recordings into text formats which are used as reference tools or archives with mere future. Some of the media ranges include radio shows, podcasts, television shows, interviews, legal systems, social events,  business meetings, and the list continues. It is a proven fact now that the more amazing your content is with correct SEO specification, the more it will catch the attention of your target audience. 

    Here Is How Transcripts Can Help Your Website?

    1. Increased Engagement:

    When an interesting video has an accompanying transcript, users are likely to engage with your content more. A long format post on your website filled with paragraphs and complicated infographics can be challenging for your audience. With videos and transcripts, it is easy to comprehend which will boost user engagement. Furthermore, more users refer to more website traffic and a better bounce back rate with more search engine rankings.

    2. Indexing Video And Audio:

    It is important to have transcription and closed captioning options on your audio and video files. Captions benefit viewers of all abilities for example for people who are suffering from hearing impairments. The addition of captions will thus make it easier for them to enjoy the video or audio posted on your website. Added benefits are that transcripts help in indexing your website on search engines like Google by allowing Google bots to crawl it. 

    3. Keyword Ranking:

    If you avail of reputable media transcription services in Manitoba. You will get a brief from them about how the video transcripts work in promoting your website. Keywords form an integral part of your content creation and videos also use these keywords to stay connected. When you have a transcript that accompanies the video, your content helps in boosting the rankings. 

    Since its inception in 2003, RPJ Technologies have become a prominent name in the transcription industry.  Their transcription professionals are capable of converting the records of documentaries, reality shows, news, podcasts, conferences, radio broadcasts, interviews, into text formats.  Understand the significance of accuracy in transcription services and support backend professional benefits from time to time. If you have been searching for a quality media transcription service in Toronto. You can call them to get a quote.

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