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    Make Better Choices Between Manual & Automated Transcription Services

    16 Aug, 2021

    People always have a question of what to opt for: Automated or manual transcription services in New Brunswick. After reading, you can assess which service is better. 

    Automated transcription services help in transcribing audios, videos, podcasts into the written format with the help of AI. On the other hand in manual transcription,  medical transcription specialists in Toronto also transcribe audio-based files into text but manually without automated technology. With the help of tools like voice recording apps, smartphones, handheld digital records, and toll-free phone dictation, doctors can dictate notes without the hassle of writing them down. 

    So, the question that arises now is whether to value automating transcription more than manual transcription?

    Pros Of Human Transcription

    Medical transcription companies in Regina, Pei & Manitoba play an essential role in telemedicine practice for most companies where the service is available. Since it requires professionals to handle the task efficiently, hiring transcriptionists will be the best decision as this will save your time and effort.  

    1. You can be assured of garnering accurately transcribed documents with the best professionals in the house. They are well-versed in their field and have complete knowledge of the industry regulations. You do not have to wait for constant corrections. 
    2. Patient privacy and protection is another important sector that can be handled with proper medical transcription services. The secure transmissions ensure that all the medical reports of patients remain confidential and protected. Thus security forms important criteria along with HIPAA compliance-related issues. 

    Cons Of Human Transcription

    The only disadvantage is the process can be a little expensive in comparison to automated transcription. 

    Pros Of Automated Transcription

    1. The more enhanced process helps in streamlining medical documents efficiently.  
    2. As it involves the use of improved technologies, also, it helps in lowering the turnaround time. In simpler terms, it is much faster than human transcription.  
    3. It is a cheap transcription solution. So, you can save quite an amount of money in the long run. Requires less effort and monitoring as everything is run by programs already. 

    Cons Of Automated Transcription

    1. The quality of automated transcription is poor. When you employ software tools to deliver transcribed files, mistakes will be there. If there is an error in pre-written programs or any technical glitch, your whole system will become useless in minutes. 
    2. Low accuracy and precision often lead to customer dissatisfaction. As a result, it decreases the credibility of the company, takes more time to proofread and edit, and also the cost perks up. 
    3. With diverse gadgets and tools, there are too many problems. Background noise, varying speaker accents, rapid speech can all; contribute to difficulty in working procedures. 

    Thus, it is clear that manual transcription is way better. 

    If you are looking for quality transcription, you can reach out to RPJ Technologies, the best medical transcription service in Canada. With skilled professionals, they can offer accurate, scalable, and also, customizable solutions for transcribing your reports. 

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