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Interview Transcription

Interview Transcription

Interview transcription services refer to the process of converting the audio interviews into written transcripts. Such services are highly required by several of the establishments like universities, legal, insurance companies in recording their telephonic conversations, student research interviews, court conversations, office meetings, or by market research companies in order to carry out their research projects, etc. At RPJ Atlantic Technologies, we ensure quality efficient interview transcription services with proper accuracy and our expert professional approach available at highly affordable rates.
Our services base itself upon the pillars of ultimate accuracy, quality perfection, timely delivery or punctuality, & cost-efficient benefits towards success. We proffer easy-to-use systems with transcription services wherein accuracy is highly guaranteed.
RPJ Atlantic Technologies is a Canada based company serving its excellence in transcription, CAD drafting, data analysis, Revit modeling, bookkeeping and call center support services. We proffer interview transcript service benefits with:

  • Student research interview transcription
  • Job interview transcription
  • Market & research interview records
  • Telephonic interview transcript service
  • Radio interview transcript
  • Journalist interview records
  • Lecture transcription
  • Focus group research transcription
  • Press briefing transcription
  • Speech transcription
  • One-to one interview transcription service
  • University research project transcription, etc.

Typical interview transcription services are required by lecturers, students, market researchers, teachers, writers, consultants, insurance providers, attorneys, psychologists, psychiatrists and more. Our services are ideal, if you are writing a book, working on your thesis or doing a research based job. We are best to outsource high-quality, industry standard and accurate transcription services at reasonable rates. We offer a ‘No Obligatory Initial Free Trial Service’ to all our potential clients for a limited period. Interested in outsourcing our interview transcription services, get a quote today by sending an email to us and our service professionals will return back with their services.

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