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    Insurance Claim Settlement: Challenges and Solutions

    09 Nov, 2020

    Worried about how to get compensation for your insured property? Contact a professional insurance assessment reports company in Toronto to stay away from fraud.

    An insurance policy is a type of contract in both the insurer and the policyholder that control the claims which the insurer should pay legally if the policyholder faces any loss covered in the contract. With regard to general insurance that concerns the insurance of artifacts, properties, cars, etc. the surveyor plays an important role in settling claims. He is the one who assesses the nature of the loss, how much compensation should be paid, and what is the authenticity of the claim.   The insurance company later processes the claims based on the insurance assessment reports made by the surveyor. 

    1. Challenges of Claim Settlement:-

    1. It is true that insurance policies are often complicated and lengthy. Which can be confusing to people if there is no prior knowledge. Since at times the language of the policy is over complicated and unclear, it frustrates the policyholder when there is mismanagement during claim settlements. Additionally, an insurance company solely depends on the surveyor’s insurance adjuster reports while settling claims. This can complicate the grievance of the policyholder as there can be loopholes in the assessment reports which can keep them away from getting the required compensation. 
    2. Therefore, in a bid to stay clear of further confusion & dis settlement of claims. According to the recent rule, the surveyor’s report will not be the last means to adjust claims. Instead, insurance companies should look beyond these reports, especially when there is ambiguity.

    2. How You Can Be Alert to Insurance Scams?

    1. Today it is difficult trusting people and you will find opportunists and con artists in every nook and corner. However, you should not fall prey to these scammers. Sometimes you will know that when there is any kind of disaster. There will be cheaters who will wait for the right moment to craftily get hold of your insurance payments. 
    2. There can be imposters who might claim to be from the insurance company to take all your necessary documents but you should be alert. You need to get in touch with your insurer at the earliest to find out the actual truth of the officers claiming to be from the company. 

    3. Here Is How You Can Protect Yourself From A Scam:-

    1. Get in touch with your insurance company and get information about the repair process under your policy. 
    2. Whenever you have to pay, make sure to use credit cards or debit cards and avoid using cash. Also, check you are paying to a licensed insurance individual.  

    For correct compensation, you need to hire a reputed insurance adjuster reports company in Canada. This will ensure you stay away from frauds and discrepancies. RPJ Technology will help you in this regard. As they have experience in dealing with the complexities of insurance claim settlements. 

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