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    Influence Of Technology On Transcription: What You Need To Know?

    16 Jun, 2021

    Are you looking for a quality transcription service in Toronto? If yes, read till the end of the blog to get insights about the best medical transcription company. 

    With the evolution of medical transcription, documenting patient records has become more organized. There has been a raging question regarding the future of medical transcription services in Canada. With voice recording software gaining popularity, the common notion is transcriptionists will lose their job. It has been long since information technology forayed into the medical world and there have been many changes ever since. But, the truth is computers or software cannot be the only problem solver. Humans are definitely more reliable than computers and as patients keep visiting hospitals, transcriptionists will never be in dearth of jobs. 

    1. What Are The Cons Of Automated Transcription?

    Automated transcription services help in transcribing audios, videos, podcasts into the written format with the help of AI. But there are certain glitches that should be considered:

    1. With diverse gadgets and tools, there are too many problems. Background noise, varying speaker accents, rapid speech can all contribute to difficulty in working procedures. 
    2. Low accuracy and precision often lead to customer dissatisfaction. As a result, it decreases the credibility of the company, takes more time to proofread and edit, and also the cost perks up. 
    3. The quality of automated transcription is poor. When you employ software tools to deliver transcribed files, mistakes will be there. If there is an error in pre-written programs or any technical glitch, your whole system will become useless in minutes. 

    2. Why Is The Future Of Manual Transcription Services Regina Still Bright?

    The world is pivoting to a digital space but amidst all the changes and upgrades, there are a few things that will not change. Some of them include:

    1. Skilled transcriptions are better in deciphering, reviewing, typing, and editing reports.  They are well versed in providing transcribed reports from complex diagnoses with top accuracy. 
    2. Any breach in the security aspect while uploading the reports and maintaining them in electronic files, will result in mistrust and loss of credibility of the medical transcription company in Canada. The reports consist of mental health evaluations, progress notes, clinical assessments, and forensic evaluations. All these are case-sensitive reports that need to be between a doctor and his patient. Thus proper data security is of utmost importance.
    3. Accuracy and precision are imperative while transcribing psychology reports. These are sensitive cases which concern a patient’s private information. Thus the reports should be error-free and reputed companies should have quality control experts to properly edit, proofread before finally documenting them.

    You can outsource your psychology recordings and dictation to RPJ Technology, a leading transcription service provider in Nova Scotia. If you are in need of skilled professionals, do not hesitate to give them a call. 

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