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    Get Notified About Different Types of Medical Transcription Reports

    19 Oct, 2020

    Specialists use reports across a wide range of expertise. Know about various reports like psychological, & sleep study medical transcription reports in Ontario.

    We are all aware of the scope and significance of medical transcription service in the healthcare industry. But did you know the versatility it offered in transcribing different reports for patients? A lot of research, study, and hard work go into documenting accurate transcribed reports. So, in this blog, you will get a fair knowledge about pathology reports, radiology, laboratory reports,   sleep study reports, and many other variants in Canada. 

    1. About the Basic Four Reports:-

    1. When you visit a doctor for the first time to let him know about the nature of your illness, and, this marks the documentation of the first report. Here the medical practitioner is responsible to diagnose the cause of your illness. Consequently, he dictates the history of illness which goes down in the physical report.  This is the first report a transcriptionist prepares. 
    2. Then a specialist who has expertise in a particular field that concerns the patient’s ailment checks him. He is responsible to narrate the proceedings of the meetings with the patient and a consultation report is thus prepared.
    3. If the person is going for an operation, then the surgeon performing the operation is responsible for dictating the operative report. In this report, he describes the surgery in brief and the measures undertaken to mitigate the risk. 
    4. Finally, when the doctors deem it fit to discharge the patient, he prepares a discharge summary report. This type of report lays down all the key details about the patient’s medical history, his reason for admission, pre, and post-operative care. 

    2. Additional Medical Reports:-

    Medical service providers use patients’ reports to determine the progress by checking the transcribed reports. Hence it is imperative to give proper attention to documenting such essential documents. Here is a list of other medical reports that form the basis of the healthcare world. 

    1. Radiology Report: After the correct diagnosis of the patient using imaging technology,  specialists transcribe such reports. 
    2. Sleep Study reports: Doctors conduct special tests when a patient suffers from excessive daytime fatigue, insomnia, narcolepsy, and other sleep disorders. 
    3. Pathology reports: Produced by pathologists after testing tissue samples of patients. 
    4. Laboratory reports: After conducting internal examinations, lab technicians produce laboratory reports. 

    RPJ Technology specializes in transcribing different types of medical reports and gives special significance to sleep study medical transcription service in Canada. So, if you are looking for dedicated and experienced medical transcriptionists do not hesitate to give them a call. Their professionals are adept in documenting medical reports along with medical dictation letters.

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