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    Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Claim Settlement

    04 Dec, 2020

    Accurately transcribed insurance assessment reports give clarity about the claim to both the insurer & the provider. Some common questions regarding insurance claims. 

    Settling insurance claims involves complex procedures and hence an insurer should approach it with all honesty. An insurance adjuster will be able to easily point out any loopholes when he pens down an insurance assessment report. Consequently, the insurance company will reject the formal plea of the policyholder if the report points out any flaw in the claim. 

    Remove all your doubts with insurance claim settlement as we give you the right answers to all your questions. 

    1. What Happens When You File An Insurance Claim?

    When the coverage company receives your claim, the first thing that they do is to send an adjuster to look at the loss you incurred. It can be damage to property, vehicles, business interruption, or any other claim. For example, if we assume you filed for a property damage claim, the adjuster will come to the site and inspect the damage. He usually notes down the amount of damage, the nature of it, and finds out the condition of the property before and after the damage. Once all the reviewing ends, he heads back to the office and prepares the insurance adjuster report to your claim. 

    If everything goes smoothly, the concerned insurance company will soon agree to give the compensation for the damaged property. 

    2. How Long Does It Take to Settle A Claim?

    This is a slight grey area and can vary depending on the nature of the claim and your coverage provider. There are many factors that the company looks into before determining your settlement. These factors or criteria include:

    1. The time is taken by the company to send an adjuster
    2. The extent of the damage incurred by you
    3. The compensation amount should tally the loss and both the provider and the insurer agree on the amount.
    4. Time is taken to correctly complete the whole process keeping in mind all the legalities
    5. If there are any sort of discrepancies in the claim or any mismanagement from either end, the tenure of completing the task will take longer as there will be double scrutiny. 

    3. What Can You Do If the Insurance Company Rejects Your Claim?

    This is the most common question and many insurers while filing for a claim always lives on tenterhooks thinking about whether the claim will be rejected or accepted. If the company accepts and agrees to pay you the compensation, then congratulations to you. But if it rejects and you think it is an unfair decision you can always approach the state insurance commissioner or department. If everything else fails do not shy away from contacting a lawyer who has experience in such cases. He in turn will take the case to court. 

    With an experienced team of skilled transcriptionists, RPJ Technology. The best insurance adjuster reports company in Canada guarantees accurately transcribed reports. Save your valuable time and stay away from fraudulent activities when dealing with insurance claim settlement. 

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