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    Drawbacks of Offshore Transcription Service & Pros of Local Companies

    19 Mar, 2021

    Understand the cons of offshore transcription service. Associate with the best local medical transcription company in Ontario, for quality service. Get in detailed information here.

    Medical transcription in Canada has long been a tool for healthcare providers in hospitals. Professional transcriptionists whether working from home or with a company reduce physicians’ work by maintaining patient data accordingly. There are numerous transcription companies all around the world but hiring a local company has its advantages. Whether it is for academic research, business meetings, or medical transcription outsourcing, working with local professionals should be promoted.

    1. What Are The Cons Of Global Or Offshore Transcription Services? 

    1. Inaccurate Reports: The most common problem when dealing with offshore transcription companies is the accuracy level. As they are non-native speakers, you often face problems in making them understand your language or course of work.  Also, even if they deliver the transcribed reports, you might come across critical errors that can potentially damage your client’s health. 
    2. Inconvenient Timings: If you are residing near Toronto and you hire a transcription service provider from any Asian country, the time difference will be a huge setback. A slight delay in TAT from offshore companies can create a storm of complaints from your clients. This not only hampers your credibility but also reduces the chance of garnering more business prospects. So, in such a scenario, it is best to partner with medical transcription services in Toronto
    3. Operational Issues: There are several regulatory and operational challenges to consider when sending transcription offshore. While all transcription companies should adhere to the HIPAA guidelines, the misuse should need to be handled by the hospitals. It can create a complex web among the hospital authorities and the service providers. 
    4. Difficulty In Quality Maintenance: The truth that matters in the medical field is to understand that patients rely on accurate documentation for the best possible care. But poor pay scale and reduced facilities often result in the hiring of unskilled professionals in global companies. This leads to disputes and disagreements among both partners due to the poor quality of records. 

    2. How Can Canadian Medical Outsourcing To Local Companies Be Helpful?

    1. End Of The Language Barrier: Knowing the cultural background and language nuances will help local transcriptionists understand your need better. Dialect plays an important role and no longer you have to worry about the accent, or the speech delivery technique. Thus, there will be fewer misinterpretations and mistakes. 
    2. Boost Customer Relations: With the company located in your vicinity, you can expect enhanced customer service. The experience and expertise of the professionals will help you manage your medical documentation efficiently and ensure the highest possible quality. 
    3. Faster Payment Processing: Working with local means you are free to play in your own currency. There is no need to exchange and keeping the money within the local community will help the local economy prosper. 

    RPJ Technology provides the best medical transcription services in Toronto. Their practice guarantees strong quality assurance, secure handling of documents, and experienced transcriptionists knowing the latest industry protocols.

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