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    Discussion On How To Compare Transcription Pricing Methods?

    06 Jul, 2021

    Pricing methods may vary in different medical transcription outsourcing companies in Canada. It sometimes becomes difficult to compare transcription pricing methods. 

    There are certain medical transcription services in Toronto that charge by the complete page, some according to words and others according to the audio minutes. These differences make the selection procedure complicated. However, medical transcription companies in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick use two common methods:

    1. Per-page pricing methods
    2. Per-minute pricing methods

    Let’s Have A Look At How These Methods Work:

    1. Per-Page Pricing Methods:

    In order to convert transcription pricing per minute to per-page pricing you need to follow the given step:

    Price Per-Minute✕1.335= Price Per Page

    Example: $2.50 Per-Minute✕1.335= $3.34 Per-Page

    2. Per-Minute Pricing Methods:

    Whereas, to convert Per-Page transcription pricing to Per-Minute Pricing, the step is:

    Price Per-Page x .75 = Price Per-Minute

    Example: $3.34 Per-Page x .75 =  $2.50

    Other Considerations:

    • Medical transcription outsourcing companies in  Prince Edward Island, Regina, and Manitoba often state that these calculations are not exact. The vendors are generally recommended to have a sample transcript to evaluate other factors. 
    • These may necessarily include formats, layouts, spacing rules, etc. Additional things like page header height and margin standards are also integral factors to determine the number of words on a page. 
    • While speaking with statement records, transcription vendors charge the audio minute according to the sections of blank audio. For the transcription services in Toronto charging according to the page, there are possibilities of partially charging complete pages. 
    • Lastly, transcript turnaround speed is something that affects the pricing structure, too. Several vendors offer multiple turnaround speeds. However, the faster the turnaround, the price eventually becomes higher. 

    The Variety Of Transcription Services Are Also Determinants Of The Pricing Methods:

    1. Transcription services like the academic and medical that needs complete attention and may vary in full-page lengths tend to have a higher pricing strategy. Most of the transcription outsourcing companies in Toronto structure their pricing method in such a way that people get easily attracted to it. 
    2. Other services like conference transcription, legal transcription, and business transcription have different page lengths and audio lengths. 


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