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    Crucial Questions To Ask A Transcription Company Before Hiring Them

    15 Mar, 2021

    If you want quality transcription, you need to ask important questions to understand their working culture. Ask these questions to your transcription company in Canada to get a clear brief.

    Have you been searching for transcription services in Toronto for your business? You cannot afford to take a rash decision without correctly weighing the pros and cons of the company. Trusting a new agency with your confidential data is a giant leap. You must ensure they follow the proper security measures, high accuracy rate, and offer reasonable pricing. 

    With the transcription industry witnessing an increase in the influx of several companies claiming to provide top service, it is difficult to choose one. 

    Here are some important questions to ask your transcription service provider in Regina before you hire them.

    1. What Will Be The Turnaround Time Of The Transcribed Documents? 

    The reason for asking this question is to get a fair idea about the company’s time commitment regarding your transcripted files. You also get to understand the challenges involved, the factors on which the turnaround time depends. Moreover, you should consult two or three companies so that you get a comparative analysis. The time can range from just a couple of hours to several weeks as per the project you assign them. 

    2. Are There Any Hidden Charges?

    There are companies that quote a price in the initial stage but when you work with them, the cost almost doubles. This can come as a shock and can disrupt your budget planning. So, when partnering with transcription services in New Brunswick, get transparent on the pricing. Either they will give you a clear brief or you can use a digital calculator to generate the cost as per the audio timings. 

    3. How Secure And Confidential Will The Transcribed Files Be?

    Security plays an important role, especially when the internet plays a huge part in conducting day-to-day business. Thus, it is imperative to take maximum precautions to ensure your documents' security. Client privacy and confidentiality should be a major focus area. So, ask your transcription provider about its security policies and measures before partnering with them. 

    4. Is Customized Transcription Service Available In Nova Scotia?

    There are companies who only provide generalized service while a few reputable ones cater to customized transcription service. Before, you sign the contract, make sure you have a complete understanding of what facilities the company can provide. 

    RPJ Technologies has been providing quality medical transcription services in Canada since its inception in 2003. Their aim is to serve clients with simplified general, transcription facilities that are a value for money.  Apart from medical transcription, their professionals also cater to media transcription, sleep study reports, and insurance adjustor reports. You can get in touch with them and to obtain error-free, on-time transcription.

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