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    Comparison Between Transcription & Captioning: What You Should Know?

    21 Sep, 2021

    Did you ever wonder how captioning and transcription services in Canada compare to each other? Know how they can work together for enhanced accessibility.

    Medical transcription companies in Toronto, form an integral part of the medical framework. It is an allied health profession that bridges the gap between doctors and patients. While doctors no longer have to deal with the documentation process, patients can avail of accurately transcribed reports. Additionally, the hospital or the clinic can keep the medical history of the patients in digital form. This minimizes the risk of losing such essential information and also gives quick access in case of emergencies. 

    Captioning points out the procedure that involves splitting transcript text into chunks and time-coding each frame to synchronize with the audio of a video. If you thoroughly help, then you will find that the output appears at the bottom of a video screen. It should always depict speech & sound effects, identify speakers, and account for any sound that is not otherwise audible. 

    What Are The Benefits Of Medical Transcription Services In Canada?

    1. High Level Of Accuracy: Dictation, Recording, and Transcribing are the three important phases of the transcription process. If there are any discrepancies in any of the three stages, the business owner can face a huge loss. A professional transcription company in New Brunswick has employees with desired skills and requirements to transcribe your documents effectively.
    2. Enhanced Security: With the latest security protocols implemented, you can ensure your transcribed medical documents will always be HIPAA compliant.
    3. Turnaround Time: TAT is a crucial aspect that provides a revenue cycle and enhances productivity. depends on the volume of transcription, clarity of speech patterns, background noise, and the number of speakers. 

    What Are The Benefits Of Captioning?

    1. Better Understanding:  Captions are necessary to make video content accessible to the deaf of hearing viewers. Especially, such captioned content can prove helpful to viewers with learning disabilities or attention deficits to maintain focus. 
    2. Increased Accessibility: Captions not only help people with the comprehension of dialogue but also allow viewers to watch videos in sound-sensitive environments. With captions, you can enjoy watching a video in a quiet office or on public transportation. 

    About Transcription And Captioning

    Though transcription services in Nova Scotia, Regina & Manitoba form the basis of captioning, each process has respective use cases. While transcription finds application in audio-only content accessible, accurate closed wording is legally required to make videos accessible. 

    The Best Partner For Your Business:

    Leading the industry as the best transcription services in Prince Edward Island, RPJ Technologies always keeps in mind users’ needs. The company provides you unparalleled expertise in the field of medical documentation by converting audios into text-based reports quickly and efficiently. Keeping in mind the latest HIPAA guidelines, they deliver quality results in reduced Turn Around Time ( TAT) within budget. 

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