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    Common Medical Transcription Mistakes And How To Eliminate Them?

    05 Mar, 2021

    Medical transcription, Canada has become a ubiquitous addition to the healthcare industry. Get to know the important mistakes that you should avoid during medical transcription.

    With the evolution of medical transcription services in Canada, documenting patient records has become more organized. Data accuracy is an integral part of any business and its importance increases ten times when it concerns the healthcare field. Mistakes made during transcription can cost medical practitioners time, money, and put patients’ health at risk.  

    The job of an Ontario medical transcriptionist specialist includes listening, interpreting, organizing, and writing accurate medical records. From impeccable grammar knowledge, excellent typing speed to sound knowledge in anatomy, psychology, and medical terminology are some of the most important skills of a transcriptionist.  If you are new to this industry, and you are starting your career as a transcriptionist, you should be careful to work with maximum efficiency and patience. For you to get a better understanding of the subject, we have curated a list of the most common mistakes that you should avoid. 

    1. Medical Transcription Mistakes:

    1. Similar Sounding Words: Some words may sound similar but in reality, they might have different meanings. A wrong recorded work will create confusion for both the doctor and patient. 
    2. Dosage Errors: Incorrect numeric values at the time of transcribing can be detrimental for the patient as his life will be at risk. When transcribing reports related to medicine intake and dosage, checking it several times is pertinent. 
    3. Lab Inaccuracy: Due to the complex nature of laboratory language, mistakes are common. Allowing time and space for clarification is important. 

    2. How To Avoid Such Mistakes And Produce Accurately Transcribed Documents?

    1. Choose Accuracy Over Speed: Though speed is important nothing can beat the significance of accuracy in medical transcription. Errors and typos are common when you type too fast and do not recheck it. So lower your speed a little to gain quality work. 
    2. Use Latest Transcription Equipment: Constantly upgrading the reporting system is another criterion to make fewer errors. Implementing safeguards to improve the standard of your present transcription equipment ensures better sound quality. 
    3. Speech Recognition App: For improving the quality of your work, using speech recognition apps can be beneficial. You can research well before choosing one and we are sure it will reduce a lot of your manual tasks. 
    4. Track the Feedback: It is important to consider and track all the feedback from editors, and clients. This will give transcriptionists a fair amount of idea on the errors or the quality of their work from service seekers. 

    Partnering with a reputable transcription company in Canada, like RPJ Technology, will help you gain access to accurate, scalable, and customizable transcripts. Their team of skilled transcriptionists has the right knowledge and experience required to transcribe complex medical documents with 99% accuracy. They understand the value of speed, time, and cost and will always rise above your expectations. 

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