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    All About Media Transcription & Closed Captioning Service

    06 Nov, 2020

    Media transcription is a busy industry with eminent media companies seeking quality media transcription services in Ontario. Read to know about the media-captioning service.

    Do you want to convert films, videos, documentaries, television shows into text? All you need is a reputed media transcription company in Canada to help you through. The main aim of the media industry is to spread the latest information and news to the largest audience possible by increasing their reach. Therefore, to increase the accessibility, professionals work day and night for seamless delivery and visibility of their products. 

    1. How Is Closed Captioning Service Closely Related to the Media Industry?

    1. There has been a huge buzz about quality captioning service as renowned companies have to face lawsuits for being incapable of providing accurate captions. The idea is always to maximize the reach of audio and video content to a larger group of people. But without closed captioning, a major chunk of the society is facing the adverse effect. Yes, we are talking about the deaf and hard of hearing community. 
    2. Closed captioning service providers have the key responsibility to give visual aid to videos in the form of subtitles with the help of transcription service. Captioning involves segregation transcripts into chunks which are popularly known as caption frames. Transcriptionists then time code each frame to synchronize with audio and video contents. 
    3. With changing times, the increase in video content is upteem and it is our duty to make the right digital accommodations for the blind, low vision, deaf and other persons with disabilities. 

    2. Benefits of Media Transcription Services:-

    Media transcription services can prove to be extremely beneficial. Here is how:-

    1. As most of the search engine technicalities revolve around the text. And do not take audio or visual content much into account. As a result, you will lose potential viewers, if unmarked or unfound by Google. With all media transcription, you can boost your SEO game by transcribing your videos with the text placed on exactly the same page. This will make it easier for search engines to crawl, thereby widening its search. 
    2. Also, media transcripts help in increasing audience engagement. As you get more audience to actively watch and engage with your content. With accurate captions, you can double the viewership which in turn will add to your profit since Google will give you extra credit for longer viewing time. 
    3. Also, your podcasts, documentaries, and other related video content can be a source of increased views on other written contents like blogs and listings. You can also, always embel appropriate links and short URLs in the video posts. This will help in boosting traffic and also link building. 
    4. Also, due to immense video popularity, most organizations and industries are implementing video content in their marketing efforts to surge their brand awareness. The right captions help in this endeavor as a majority of viewers depend on captions for better video understanding. 

    So, are you ready to caption your video content? RPJ Technology,  a leading media transcription services Toronto offers premium media captioning services with 100%  guaranteed accuracy.

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