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    A List Of Grievous Mistakes Occurring In Medical Transcription

    04 Jan, 2022

    For proper decision-making, it is imperative to have an accurate medical transcription service, Toronto. Let’s know what are some critical mistakes in the sector. 

    A number of physicians depend on medical transcription services to maintain accurate EHR documentation. This enables medical transcriptionists a significant cog in the wheel. Responsible medical professionals focus on maintaining the accuracy of files. However, certain errors occur even after maintaining all the security standards. Let’s take a closer look at those errors. 

    Major Medical Transcription Mistakes

    Mistakes In-Patient IDs

    1. Each patient gets his/her own identification number. Accurate identification is critical for patients who are non-communicative or who require special care. Patient ID is also necessary to label containers for blood or other samples as well. Wrong identification can hinder the safety of patients. And it may also result in detrimental healthcare results. 
    2. It may also develop opportunities for medical identity theft and result in patient data integrity failure. To prevent such a mishap, the medical transcriptionist must confirm that the name on the report matches with the dictation.

    Omission In Dictations

    1. Another severe error in medical transcription is the omission of relevant dictations. The transcriptionist must type every word in the audio with special attention to keywords. These can be any word relating to diagnosis, symptoms as well as the treatment plan. 
    2. To prevent the omission of significant words in the physician’s dictation, every healthcare provider must hire a professional transcriptionist. Moreover, the expert must focus on accuracy and not speed. If he finds phrases or words difficult to pronounce, he may simply tag them instead of omitting them.

    Medical Terminologies' Misuse

    1. Medical terms are often confusing. Certain abbreviations and variations are indistinguishable. As a result, medical transcriptionists must be very attentive to prevent confusion. Especially the ones who are new to the job. Misusing medical terminologies usually takes place with similar-sounding words. 
    2. Some instances include sac and sack, perfusion and profusion, cord and chord, etc. More examples include BNP and BMP, pharynx and phalanx, dysphagia and dysphasia, and much more. 

    Wrong Use Of Verbs And Spelling Errors

    1. Often, it happens that a new word forms by altering an existing word in medical transcription. Back formations, as it is known, usually consist of verbs that may appear as adverbs or adjectives. Back formations along with false verbs are very common in general communication, but should not occur in medical records. 
    2. While this may happen with a lot of medical transcriptionists, a professional will always keep these points in mind. 


    You will find such experienced transcriptionists at Rpj Technology. The industry is a leader of the pack of medical transcription companies. So, get in touch with them today and avail yourself of top-notch medical transcription, Canada.

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